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Personal Injury Accident Types handled by an Accident Attorney

Auto_20AccidentThe most important quality to look for in an accident attorney when you are hurt is to find one with decades of experience handling all kinds of accident injury cases. Ask if your accident attorney is very experienced with auto accidents and dog bites to mass torts against defective pharmaceutical manufacturers and wrongful death accident cases.

If you have been involved in a shocking accident which resulted in a traumatic brain accident injury, an accident attorney can help. Attorneys all over the country represent thousands of injured victims and their families each year. These attorneys know how to make sure each victim gets fairly compensated from insurance coverage companies.

Fake Drugs and Injuries

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Sometime ago, like I think it was a year or two ago, my daughter fell sick to ingesting expired vitamin supplements. When the doctor looked at the container, he was surprised we didn’t read about the news regarding this particular brand of vitamin supplement. I told him that the pharmacist was the one who gave that brand to me and so he looked into it. it was later uncovered that the vitamin supplement was not expired, but rather fake. It contained an allergen that triggered a response in my daughter, which is why she got sick.

“Insurance justice is something we insurance lawyers fight for.”

We thought of suing the pharmacy but we weren’t the only ones who were their victims. One high school sophomore got a mild stroke after ingesting a cold medication, and this was coming from the same pharmacy. It turned out that the supplier of the pharmacy was fraudulent and was in cahoots with illegal manufacturers. Nevertheless, the pharmacy provided compensation for me and all their other victims. They didn’t do this to avoid getting into trouble, but rather, they wanted to do it because they wanted to make things up for their mistakes.

They’re still in business now and I still get my medications from them.

Fight for Insurance Justice

There’s no easy way to fight for insurance justice, or at least, getting the insurance money that’s rightfully yours. I can’t blame the insurance companies either for being extra vigilant. The rate of insurance fraud continues to skyrocket and the worst part here is that the legitimate clients are becoming the victims of this crime. When an insurance company increases their premiums, it’s more likely that they recently paid off a huge sum of money to a fraudulent claim and they have no way of getting the money back.

But not all insurance companies are victims. Sometimes, they like to hold out on the righteous claims because they want to prevent money from getting out of their company. they will lead the client into a maze of legal terms that they don’t know anything about so they just give up and the insurance companies stay with the money. Insurance justice is something we insurance lawyers fight for, and not just for the common man but for the insurance companies as well. It’s difficult to fend off fraudulent claims or fraudulent companies, but the best thing that any individual can do is to hire insurance lawyers so they can get the justice that they need.

Whether we’re working with the common man or a multi-million dollar company, we make sure justice is served.

Characteristic of a Good Personal Injury Lawyer and Car Accident Attorney

Accidents are common and unfortunate occurrences in every day life and the need for a personal injury lawyer or a car accident attorney is almost indispensable in such a situation. Whenever a criminal offense occurs an investigation is done and it is important to have a personal injury lawyer or a car accident attorney for your own defense or to prove that an offense has been done to you. Accidents are sometimes intended by an individual or can be purely coincidental. But before these facts are established, have your car accident lawyer and personal injury lawyer in tow in such a case.

Therefore it is important to know the characteristics of a good personal injury attorney or a car accident attorney to get in case you need one. One of the most important characteristics in a personal injury lawyer is compassion. Incurring a loss such as losing a limb, breaking and arm or a leg or even life changing losses such as death or total paralysis can be very emotionally damaging. You will need a personal injury attorney who will relate to your situation and therefore handle the case with the gravity it deserves. This compassion will also be the drive towards ensuring that you get rightful compensation for your loss and that you are exempted from any blame in the accident.628x471

It is also important for an auto accident attorney or a personal injury attorney to be very thorough in their investigation of the situation. Especially when it comes to a car accident attorney, they should have the drive to investigate the real facts or any loop holes in the case presented by the defendant or plaintiff depending on which side you are on. There are some facts that can be overlooked in any situation such as faults in the design of the car or uncollected evidence by the police. A thorough and inquisitive personal injury attorney and car accident lawyer is what you will need to properly to handle your case.

Another important characteristic for the two is a good track record. A lawyer is as good as the number of cases he has won. The personal injury attorney you go for or the auto accident attorney should have a diverse collection of cases that he has won for you to have the confidence of knowing that you stand a chance if your case goes to court. There are many quacks of inexperienced attorneys out there in search for desperate car accident victims without the assurance of being able to handle the case. A car accident lawyer with a good reputation for defending such cases is what you will need to go for. Experience is always the best teacher and that is why it is better to go for an experienced lawyer.

You can also establish the quality of a lawyer by the approach you receive when you present your case to them. You can consult with a variety of lawyers to establish which auto accident attorney best serves your interest. Most attorneys usually offer free consultations to clients before they can decide whether they want to commence on the case with the lawyer or not.